003: A Size Guide to The Fancy Favorite

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When we look to the future of fashion, the need for better fit is a foregone conclusion. While we continue our mission to create circular modern clothes, helping you find your perfect fit is a large part of it. Shopping in today’s world is swift and sizing is not a priority but shopping vintage can become trickier, especially when it comes to non-stretch wovens. We accept and celebrate all shapes and sizes and kept this idea at our forefront as we redesigned these shirts, making The Fancy Favorite curve- and human-friendly. 

On The Fancy Favorite we’ve added smocking around the shoulders at the top and chest area. This creates a  super flattering empire waistline that can be worn as a shirt or as a dress. We also engineered a pull inside of the sleeve inseam so you can adjust the sleeve length as needed.

While there are a lot of variables when it comes to fitting, we have simplified Reworked-Wear to three important measurements: chest size, shirt length, and sleeve length. It’s important to remember that measurements are just numbers so give yourself some grace during this process and follow the steps below to find your fit. 

Step 1: Measure Your Chest

Find a tape measure, preferably a soft tailoring tape measure and measure the widest part of your chest. For women, this would include the apex of your bust all the way around. For guys, this would typically align with your blazer size. 

In case you don’t have a tape measure handy, we’ve included a bra size chart to help guide you as well below. 

Step 2: Compare Your Chest Measurement to the Chart

Cross reference the size you typically wear plus the measurement you get with the measurements in the size chart. Remember, the chest width measurement is the garment measurement laid flat. To find the circumference, you would simply double the number on the chart. For example, the garment laid flat is 14”, that means the circumference is 28”.

Remember: This style has smocking around the chest which means it’s super stretchy and modular so it will fit a range of sizes. It is easiest to compare your bra size to the chart below. Each size fits a range of measurements, and we are always available for questions and guidance at support@thebigfavorite.com.

Don’t worry guys, we didn’t forget about you! For this style, it’s probably easiest to take your chest size and compare it to the men’s size chart below. There, we’ve estimated what chest sizes would fit into each size shirt.

003: The Fancy Favorite Size Guide

Step 3: Recommendations 

Don’t worry if your measurements are not under the same size category! Our recommendation is to skew your size to your chest size unless you have specific style preferences. 

Step 4:  Adjustable Sleeves!

The sleeves on this style are adjustable! We’ve engineered a pull so that you can push up the sleeves and make them stay up. Simply find the elastic cord inside of the sleeve inseam and pull it down while scrunching the sleeve up. Pinch the rubber stopper and pull it upward to lock in the desired length. Simply leave the cord hanging out, tuck it into your sleeve, or wrap it around your arm and secure it by tucking or tying it in on itself. 

Step 5: Garment Lengths

The lengths of these shirts may vary since we did not hem them to a specific length.