1. BUY

You pick your favorite, buy it, and it arrives on your doorstep.


Wear them how you want them, and wear them out. Science suggests people replace understuff every six months. That sounds about right, but we’re not the boss of you.


When you’ve worn your TBF out, scan the QR on your garment label or visit this page to create a free shipping label. Slide your clean (yeah, wash them once more), but retired, TBF products in a USPS paper mailer, affix the label, and drop them into the nearest USPS mailbox. If you’re in Philadelphia, PA like we are, use the form if you want the option to pick-up or drop-off.


When we receive it, we’ll confirm your Circular Savings. 
Think of it as a forever discount. Earn credit towards a future purchase, or donate your rewards to a good cause. Pima Cotton is the new Aluminum.

*Forever Discounts are listed on each individual product page.


It’s on us. We sort the recaptured understuff, sanitize it, and partner with textile recyclers to shred it and turn it into new fabrics.

Recycling Return Label Form

Should be Empty:

We’ll email you with a pre-paid label or more information coordinating a pick-up / drop-off. Once you’re finished returning, we’ll confirm your earnings.

Why recycle? Short answer: because 11M pounds of undergarment textile waste enter U.S. landfills daily. You’re helping to reduce methane output, divert clothing waste from landfills, and make new fabric. Find out more about our process here.



garments recycled

Closed loop is the future. We’re here to make it a reality: a circular system to recycle your undergarments so they go everywhere but the trash.


miles of yarn recreated

Every t-shirt is made of almost one mile of yarn. And, yeah, yarn from your understuff can be cleaned and upcycled. In the right hands (ours), that means infinite possibilities.


pounds of waste diverted from landfills

Have you ever seen a Bob Ross paint a landfill? Didn’t think so. Because landscapes, not landfills.


metric tons of methane taken out of the atmosphere

Methane is 30x more potent than Carbon. Every time a t-shirt biodegrades, it produces methane - even in composting. That’s why it’s important to reduce your consumption, divert your clothes from landfills, and do your part to reduce your carbon footprint.


Infinite yin to balance the yang