Help us make landfills a thing of the past. At The Big Favorite, we’re building the new version of American Legacy: quality products and a circular system that’s better for this great big world.

Est'd 1930s

We’ve recycled a brand with history into a recycling brand. The Big Favorite was originally established by our founder’s great grandfather in the 1930s as a brand selling reliable cotton workwear for hard-working Americans. We’ve taken the brand’s high quality and reliable roots and repurposed them for a 2020 kind of daily grind. Our goal is to set a new, zero-waste standard for American basics, beginning with the perfect first layers like undershirts and underwear. The past provides our foundation, but the future is our favorite.

Our founder, Eleanor Turner, knows American fashion and production. With over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry, co-founding the women’s work apparel brand Argent and designing for iconic companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch and J. Crew, Eleanor saw a big gap in the industry for a legacy brand that runs on a circular, earth-friendly system. Enter El’s vision for The Big Favorite: starting with undergarments, the one category remaining that can’t be donated or resold, the goal is to revolutionize fashion’s footprint from the bottom up.

Re-est'd 2020

We believe that creativity builds the future and is the best antidote to compromise, which is why we’ve dreamt up something that didn’t exist - thoughtfully designed undergarments that are long-lasting, super accessible, and easy to recycle as an alternative to today’s take-make-waste status quo. The Big Favorite is here to give you a better choice, one that’s connected, transparent and feels really good on you. Because doing the right thing should be a no-brainer, even under your pants.

"you buy ______ when you buy the big favorite."


We’re replacing the cardboard feel and outdated fit of your average department store base layers with super soft plastic-free pima cotton that you won’t be itching to take off. Pima cotton was purposefully selected for its longer staple fiber, which not only feels better on your skin but is easier to break down in the recycling process. We’ve settled on three colors for the same reason: less dyeing means a more focused offering, which is more earth-friendly. That will always be our North Star.

A Circular Process

Circles are our favorite shape, offering balance in a world that sorely needs it. The Big Favorite runs on a circular system to help restore some of that balance to our planet, turning potential waste away from landfills and into a resource by recycling it into new yarn. Our desire for balance extends beyond production. We use it to guide our ethical decision-making, including who we work with. People are part of this planet, too, which is why we work with suppliers in Peru who pay fair wages.

Our Vision

We’re here to make the most reliable first layers on the planet, for the planet. That means thinking outside of the box everyday about how we can realign with nature, leaving the world in better shape than we found it. Rather than settling for yesterday’s best, we’ll work tirelessly to seek out new solutions for providing top-quality products that move towards our cradle to cradle goals. We’re good, but we can always be better, and we want to hear your ideas on how that can be done. We believe all ships rise, and are looking forward to building the foundation for a big future, one that’s good for all of our parts.



Adjective: typically of cotton, preshrunk by a controlled compressive process; meeting certain standards of washing shrinkage. The process was invented in the 40s and 50s and used to communicate the promise of the future of product innovation.