Posted by Eleanor Turner

Name: Ron Mikos, Jr., @ronmikosjr

Claim-to-Fame:  Big Favorite Model, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Nutrition Consultant

Relationship to TBF:

I met Eleanor through my buddy Josh Lang and was introduced to the brand.

Bio: I help people develop a better relationship with food and movement. In fact, I'm helping El and Charles get in shape for their wedding! 

Something people may not know about you:

I used to have dreadlocks!

Go-to underwear fit:

The medium boxer brief “snug fit” for sure. The majority of the time I actually go commando! Especially in the summertime. 

Favorite TBF item:

The Undyed Tees, no doubt. 

How do you handle a wedgie?

Do a 360 turn around look around to make sure its all clear and pick it out with ease.

Favorite word for underwear?



Any underwear “horror stories”?

When I started skateboarding in junior high, I was really into studded belts. While at the local Crow Creek skatepark in Bettendorf, Iowa I remember my boxers got stuck to one of the studs and I skated around with boxers hanging out of my pants all day. Not the worst thing.

Favorite sustainability habits or life-hacks?

The power of a strong routine can do wonders. I’ve found that once a routine is solidified into the subconscious, the little details become easier and sustainable.

How did you end up in Philadelphia?

My partner and I moved here from San Fransisco, CA to Philadelphia, PA via RV in July 2020. I was ready to flip the page and start something fresh here in Philly.

What was your favorite part about traveling cross country from CA to PA?

My favorite part was being able to see the national parks and hot springs. I grew up reading about Yellowstone, Crater Lake, and Badlands. To see them first hand was a true gift. Also, seeing a wild Black Bear for the first time was a trip. 


How long have you been aware that your purchases have a greater impact?

Just recently!   

What role does the environment play in your shopping choices?

The environment really is everything. Outside of the occasional thrift shopping sessions, I've started digging into the track records and actions larger companies before supporting them. 

What role does the environment play in your work?

Running, hiking, swimming, biking, and skating have all helped me gain a better appreciation of the environment. Working in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years, I've seen and tried a lot of fads. Simply walking outside every day has done wonders for my overall mental and physical health. I've found it’s one of the most consistent and easiest ways to exercise while also enjoying our environment. As The Big Favorite says, "landscapes, not landfills."

If you could teach every person in the world one thing, what would you teach them?

I would help every person to develop a better relationship with food and exercise.

What do you want your legacy to be? What are you doing to make an impact?

I want to positively influence the lives of just about every person I encounter and to help shift the culture of holistic health.

What future do you rally around?

I would love to see a future that no longer classifies people by race and for larger food corporations to include more diverse, whole foods into their products.