Big Favorite: Liz Barrella

Posted by Eleanor Turner

Name, Claim-to-Fame: Liz Barrella, a designer and producer known for creating large-scale event productions and experiential design through custom installations, brand activations, staging, and event curation. Also, a TBF undie model. 

Bio: Liz is an independent designer that works in set design and art direction. Pre-covid, she worked primarily on live music and IRL events, creating larger scale designs. Last year her career pivoted to more commercial photo and video work. She co-owns a floral and event design studio with her mom and sister, called Fete Urbane

Secret Talent: She can wiggle her ears!

Relationship to TBF, how you know the brand or Eleanor: She met our founder, Eleanor, while modeling for the Big Favorite!

 Liz Barella in The Big Favorite White Ribbed Tank

Let’s Go Deep:

How long have you been aware that your purchases have a greater impact? I realized this as a freshmen in college. The green movement had really started to infiltrate the food industry at that time and I was super into eating/living in a more healthy and sustainable way. At that time I didn't have a lot of money so I was buying a lot of cheap/fast fashion. I went to school for fashion design and took a sustainability course. It is shocking the impact that the industry has on the world. That really changed the way I shopped.

"As long as you have the intention to do better, you can almost always find solutions for how to reduce your impact!"

What role does the environment play in your shopping choices? I consider it always. I don't always take action, but when I have the opportunity to make a better choice I almost always do.

Liza Barella Headshot in The Big Favorite's Ribbed Tank

What role does the environment play in your work? Again, I consider it as much as I can. The events industry is really tough to navigate because it produces so much waste. I try to get creative around how I can use and reuse things as much as possible. As long as you have the intention to do better, you can almost always find solutions for how to reduce your impact!

"I try to get creative around how I can use and reuse things as much as possible!"

What do you want your legacy to be? What impact are you hoping to make? I would love to spend more time and make the effort to bring sustainability into every avenue of my life. Not just the food I eat but the products in my home, the products my home is made of, etc.

What future do you rally around? An inclusive, equitable, sustainable future for everyone.

Liz Barella wearing The Big Favorite

Quickie Q’s:

Go-to underwear fit: Thong, Thong, Thong, Thong

Favorite TBF item you wore in the shoot: The Relaxed Crew! There's nothing like an oversized plain white tee in my opinion.

 How do you handle a wedgie? Pick it, anytime, anywhere.

What’s your favorite word for butt? Booty.

Favorite word for underwear? Panties.

What are your Undergarment shopping habits? I buy the same brand, same type in a million colors and then buy them again!

Have you ever forgotten your underwear on a trip?

No I haven't. I usually over-pack underwear. If I did forget I would probably go commando for a few days then go find my go-to pair.

Favorite things about TBF understuff (multiple choice):

  1. Comfort/Great Fit
  2. Softness/Pima Cotton
  3. Inventiveness/Designing for Recyclability
  4. Participating in a circular clothing system/environmental impact

Liz Barella in The Big Favorite's White Thong