On Our Third Birthday!

Posted by Eleanor Turner

Hi Favorites, 

We launched exactly 3 years ago today on a mission to make circular basics that don’t end up in landfills like so much of American fashion. The goal was to help heal the planet, not trash it.

As founder, I have been reflecting on the lived experience of running an independent brand offering lower impact basics and a more conscious way to live. Over the last 3 years, our collective experience has gotten more chaotic and it has become harder to know what to trust. In the midst of chaos, our guide has been our mission - how can we truly help the planet heal?

Since the beginning, The Big Favorite has walked the walk with integrity and simplicity as an environmentally-conscious and people-conscious brand. To us, being conscious means to be aware and alive in full authenticity as it pertains to our impact on the collective. Authenticity is the only frequency higher than love. When we live authentically, we are living by our highest values. When we live by our highest values, we are able to access our truth and directly connect to our higher purpose. And when we are connected to our purpose, we not only heal ourselves, we help heal the collective, and therefore the earth.

These ideas about living authentically have evolved our mission over the past year: provide cotton basics that help people heal. We’ll do that by continuing to provide you with the first good choice - a better first layer - so you can make the second, third, fourth good choices and follow your authentic self or even the smallest inkling of goodness in each choice you make.

I am so appreciative of this community of intentional seekers - people who value the dedication to producing high-quality, synthetic-free basics. Your support has been the driving force behind our purpose as a brand. 

I can’t wait to explore the clothing, resources, modalities, and conversations that will expand us all. In the meantime, start making that first good choice by shopping TBF and our incredibly soft base layers. Thanks for exploring this next chapter of The Big Favorite with us! 



Founder, CEO, The Big Favorite