The Big Favorite's Favorite Things Gift Guide, Pt 3: The SuperNormal

Posted by Eleanor Turner

Everyone has that one friend or partner who is obsessed with the quirky and obscure. We're calling that person The SuperNormal.

The term SuperNormal literally means "above normal." This person is constantly searching for things that are better than average and completely unique whether it's a one-off piece of ALD vintage or the newest drop on the SNKRS app. They're super sleuths who will have you asking, 'where in the world is Carmen SanDiego?" They do have some patterns though. This Gemini/Sagittarius is known to be idealistic, curious, and analytical. They look for the function without sacrificing aesthetics. They're super hard to shop for because they only want what you can't find. If you have a person like this on your gift list, we've got your holiday hacks below. 

The Big Favorite White Turtleneck on SuperNormal Amir Berry  

They'll love The Turtleneck because...

...The Turtleneck is a 90s throwback and winter's perfect under-sweater first layer. The Black version is reversible with orange ombre seaming for a pop. The SuperNormal will love this first layer because it's soft, functional, versatile, and unique. Dealer's choice: wear the neck folded to throw it back or fully extended for extra comfort and warmth. 

The SuperNormal Still Life of Favorite Things 

More Favorite Things For The SuperNormal:  

Topo Designs Bag

 Topo Designs Bag, $55 @ Topo Designs

Lost In City Guides

Lost In City Guides, $12 @ This Corner

Drink Al's NonAlcoholic Beer

Drink Al's Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer, $14 for 6-pack @ Al's

Tortuga Living Bookend 

Tortuga Living Bookend, $34 @ Tortuga Living

Aime Leon Dore Hat

Aime Leon Dore Hat, starting at $55 @ ALD

The Big Favorite Super Soft Pima Cotton Underwear

The Big Favorite Undyed Boxer Briefs, 3-Packs @ TBF

SuperNormal Living Still Life