The Big Favorite's Favorite Things Gift Guide, Pt 2: The Zero Waster

Posted by Eleanor Turner

You're here because you want to know what makes a favorite. And favorite things are, well... subjective. Especially when you're trying to gift them. We tapped our community to find out. They said: "Favorite Things are low waste and sustainable." If you need gift ideas for someone whose priorities include zero trash and sustainability, you've come to the right place, keep scrolling! 


The Zero Waster is committed to reducing their waste and carbon footprint. They know all of the low and zero waste hacks, compost their food waste, probably quote Greta Thunberg, and advocate super hard for change. They might be an INFJ on Myers-Briggs, could be a Cancer or Aquarius, and were voted 'Most Likely to Live in a Tiny Home' in high school. They're super hard to shop for because they only want what they need. We've identified some low and zero waste needs below. 

Woman in Lettuce Bra and The Big Favorite's Bikini Briefs

 Zero Wasters love our Bikini Briefs and Boxer Briefs...

...because the Bikini Briefs and Boxer Briefs are made of super soft, plastic-free Pima Cotton fabric, and designed for recyclability at the end of their lives. That means the wearer can scan the QR code on the garment tag to generate a recycling label and send it back to us to get rewarded on a future purchase. If that sounds super soft and circular, read on for more gift ideas below!

Nonbinary person posing with Zero Waste Gifts

More gift ideas for the Zero Waster:

Pidat Bird Feeder

The Pidat Upcycled Plastic Bird Feeder, $72 at Tortuga Living

Zero Waste Chef CookbookThe Zero Waste Chef's Cookbook, $25 at Select Retailers

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

SodaStream Carbonated Water Maker, $136 with glass carafes

Laura Brown Canvas Planter

Laura Brown Canvas Planter, $55 at Laura Brown

Suay Sew Shop Upcycled Napkins

Suay Sew Shop's Upcycled Napkins, $54 at IXV Coffee

The Endery Mending Kit

The Endery Mending Kit, $25 at The Endery

Tortuga Living Upcycled Rubber Coaster

Recycled Rubber Coasters, $20 on Tortuga Living

Good Buy Supply Recyclable Candle

Good Buy Supply Candle, $20 at Good Buy Supply


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