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11 Million Pounds. That's the amount of understuff that goes into landfills every day.


If you’re here, you’re ready to change that with us. We’ve introduced a revolutionary take-back program for our undergarments, diverting typical textile waste from landfills and transforming it into new yarn.

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100% Pima Cotton

Cotton is great, but Pima Cotton is greater. It has a longer staple fiber which makes it super soft, superior, and more ideal for recycling.

Plastic-Free Fabric

Synthetics come from plastic (aka oil). We’re not about that. All of our fabrics are 100% Pima Cotton and rigorously tested to ensure safety.

Reduced Water Waste

Our fabric supplier uses Osmosis to clean old water to prepare it for reuse and future fabric washing.

Fair Wage

We work with suppliers who pay fair wages. The living wage in Peru is s/930.00 or US$ 280.00. Our lowest paid wage is s/1500 or US$ 455.00 for factory workers.


Yeah, we know it’s sort of weird to think about sending back your understuff, but throwing things into landfills is way grosser. All take backs are anonymous to our warehouse. No one is tracking the state of your pit stains, we just want to keep things out of the trash. Just do us a favor[ite]: launder it once more before sending it back. Please and thank you.

Designed to disappear

11 Million pounds of undergarments go into the trash every day. We make it easy to recycle our pieces when you wear them out.

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