In a world filled with complexities, we stand for simplicity – a return to the essence of joy, purpose, and the magical connection between people and the planet. The Big Favorite is more than a brand; it's a calling, a lifestyle that embraces the act of conscious and better choices, nurturing individual well-being in order to achieve the restoration of our planet.

Est'd 1930s

The Big Favorite was originally established in the 1930s by our founder’s great-grandfather as a destination for reliable cotton workwear for industrious Americans. Nearly 100 years later, we translated the brand’s ethos into an offering designed for a new kind of daily grind.

Re-est'd 2020

Rebuilt on a foundation of mindful creation and recycling, The Big Favorite was reborn with the ambition to do things better, to contribute to the healing of our planet by addressing textile waste. Yet, our evolution tells a different story. A few years in, The Big Favorite has become synonymous with more than just sustainability and circularity; we're known for specialization, comfort, quality, fit, and fostering healthy, plastic-free ecosystems within our bodies.

2023 brought a few pivotal revelations. People are the stewards of this planet, and the state of the Earth reflects the state inside of us all. To truly heal the planet, we must first make the choice to heal ourselves. This key insight was the catalyst to our evolution. The Big Favorite aims to awaken people to the power of choice and then provide a better one – comfortable, versatile, natural knitwear, and a vision for a better future. We open the gateway to authenticity, and a life driven by one's biggest, highest, and most favorite calling.


Our founder, Eleanor Turner, knows American fashion and production well. With over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry, co-founding the women’s work apparel brand Argent and designing for iconic companies like Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, and J. Crew, Eleanor has a long history of optimizing fashion for the benefit of the wearer. From mainstream knitwear to functional suiting with pockets, Eleanor is an innovator, named inventor on several functional design patents. 

Enter El's enhanced vision for The Big Favorite: To provide the ultimate wardrobe optimization — versatile, comfortable, quality, and naturally healing basics that transcend the ordinary. The Big Favorite’s pieces stylishly streamline wardrobes, providing a favorite thing to reach for that allows space and time to foster focus on self-discovery and the pursuit of a unique purpose. In El's philosophy, the pinnacle of optimization is found in refined simplification as the antidote to distraction.

"you buy ______ when you buy the big favorite."

the big favorite branding on white tee


The Big Favorite is dedicated to simplifying your wardrobe, granting you the freedom to focus on going within. This commitment goes beyond our particular take on wardrobe staples; it's about doing things better every step: ensuring quality products, ethical production, fair wages, working conditions, trade, chemical testing, and a focus on always improving the way our stuff is made, period. Moreover, our circular system recycles our pieces, contributing to a circular future full of its own integrity that helps make landfills a thing of the past.

undyed bikini with "please return to the big favorite" heat seal on the back close up on woman with shirt pulled out


We believe that comfort is not just a product attribute, but a state of being. It's about feeling at ease in your own skin, both physically and emotionally, enough to embody your highest values. True comfort comes from knowing that what you wear aligns with your values, promoting a sense of well-being from the inside out. Whether you're lounging at home or navigating the demands of your day, The Big Favorite is here to empower you to choose comfortable basics that align with your values.

woman with red hair looking through the crewneck circle while putting on a t-shirt


Since the beginning, The Big Favorite has walked the walk with integrity as an environmentally-conscious and people-conscious brand. To us, being conscious means to be aware and alive in full authenticity. We’re all just frequency in a state of matter. Authenticity is the only frequency higher than love. When we live authentically, we are living our highest values. When we live by our highest values, we can eliminate non-essentials and directly connect to a higher purpose. And when we are connected to that purpose, we not only heal ourselves, we help heal the collective, and therefore the planet. It all starts with us.


At The Big Favorite, we are shifting our focus to stand for something profound. Our name, a choice in itself, serves as a reminder to our community to always return to their favorite things – the sources of joy and comfort in their lives. We believe that amidst chaos and disorientation, one's favorite things can illuminate the path back to self-discovery, authenticity, and inner peace. 



Adjective: typically of cotton, preshrunk by a controlled compressive process; meeting certain standards of washing shrinkage. The process was invented in the 40s and 50s and used to communicate the promise of the future of product innovation.