Big Favorite: CJR, Founder of Christopher John Rogers

Posted by Deanna Sunseri

Interview by Jessica Schiffer

Christopher John Rogers (CJR), Founder of Christopher John Rogers

Alias: Advocate & Unabashed Designer

Claim-to-Fame: Founder of Christopher John Rogers. Based in NYC, the Christopher John Rogers brand exists to create emotional & sensitive clothing with a focus on effortful dressing, directed towards an individual with a strong sense of self. They deliver clothing with an emphasis on quality manufacturing and timeless appeal, whilst encouraging their customers to take up space.

Handle: @christopherjohnrogers

Relationship to TBF: Met TBF Founder, Eleanor Turner, through a mutual SCAD Fundraising Mentor.

Bio: Founder of his eponymous brand, CJR's signature styles include voluminous silhouettes, sharp tailoring and unabashed use of color. He's earned a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award and a legion of fans, including Zendaya, Tracee Ellis Ross, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris.


What excites you about The Big Favorite? The mission is refreshing. El isn't making stuff just to make stuff - she's producing a focused, intentional offering with a purpose. We could all use less, and we could all use better. The Big Favorite is here for that.

"Ethical creation and ethical consumption is the modern way forward."

Quickie Q's:

Go-to underwear fit: Boxer Briefs, no question about it. I love a snug fit.

Favorite TBF item: I love the V-Neck, which is saying a lot considering I don't normally wear undershirts. But the V-Neck was really really [really] comfortable. It felt lived in -- it felt like my own.

How do you handle a wedgie? I would discreetly try to handle it through a back-pocket maneuver. If that didn't work, I think I'd leave it and try not to think about it!

What’s your favorite word for butt? Ass. It's direct. No-nonsense. Straight to the point.

What’s your favorite word for underwear? I started saying "panties" as a joke, when referring to both men's and women's underwear. It sort of stuck!

Undergarment shopping habits? I'll shop around every six months. I try to stock up when I buy so I can buy less often.

Have you ever forgotten your underwear? Oh my god, yes. At a grocery store. Let's just say I noticed that I was totally commando when I got to the dairy aisle.

Favorite thing about TBF understuff? 
A. Comfort/Great Fit 
B. Softness/Pima Cotton
C. Inventiveness/Designing for Recyclability
*D. Participating in a circular clothing system/environmental impact

Christopher John Rogers wearing The Big Favorite Circular White Tee

Let's Go Deep:

What role does the environment play in your shopping choices?

Ethical creation and ethical consumption is the modern way forward. I believe business and designers will make environmental impact more of a focus during the product development process, in addition to deciding who to partner with. I take that into account -- who is making our fabrics? Are they aligned with our values? Do they craft with love? I think asking these questions will become the necessary norm.

What do you want your legacy to be? What are you doing to make an impact?

I want people - all types of people - to find themselves in my work. Whatever that means to them.

"We could all use less, and we could all use better. The Big Favorite is here for that."

What future do you rally around?

Diversity, everywhere. Not just in fashion, but in every area of our society; politics, media, entertainment, education. I think people are afraid of the power of positive thinking and how that inspires change. But I see that shifting. I see all of us rallying around progress and not being afraid to take risks for what is right and getting more, diverse, people at the table.

Eleanor Turner and Christopher John Rogers and The Big Favorite