Big Favorite: Jordyn Amoroso, Chief Brand Officer of Clove

Posted by Deanna Sunseri

Jordyn Amoroso, Chief Brand Officer of Clove

Claim-to-Fame: Master of the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game. But seriously, she knows her pop culture and she loves to connect people.

Handle: @jordyn.amoroso

Relationship to TBF: Mutually connected via the lovely and talented Bre Furlong Parker, photographer behind TBF as well as Jordyn's brand, Clove.


"Being kind and successful should not be mutually exclusive."

Quickie Q's:

What do you love about The Big Favorite?: TBF exists to protect our tushies and the environment. TBF seamlessly fuses a modern product and aesthetic with a heritage brand heartbeat.

Go-to underwear fit: Boxer briefs for night. Historically, I stole my husband’s, but now I don't have to! Thongs during the day.

Favorite TBF item: The Relaxed Crew. I swear it felt like wearing The Row, but make it circular.

Jordyn wearing the Relaxed Crewneck T-shirt

How do you handle a wedgie? Not smoothly.

What’s your favorite word for butt? Ass.

What’s your favorite word for underwear? Underwear!

Undergarment shopping habits? I will wear something until it’s unrecognizable! PJs with holes? Yes, that’s me. I recently started to up my undergarment game in quarantine thanks to TBF.

Have you ever forgotten your underwear? Socks, mostly.

Favorite thing about TBF understuff? 
A. Comfort/Great Fit 
*B. Softness/Pima Cotton
C. Inventiveness/Designing for Recyclability
*D. Participating in a circular clothing system/environmental impact

Jordyn wearing The Black Relaxed Crewneck Tee and The Black Thong

Let's Go Deep:

How long have you been aware that your purchases have a greater impact? 

Now that I am in my 30s, I save up for classic investments over fast fashion. I am proud to say that I have avoided mass retailers for the last five years. Sometimes I will regress, but my moral clothing compass straightens me out.

What role does the environment play in your shopping choices?

It keeps me honest, especially with the recent increase in online deliveries. I love great packaging with purpose, not just “stuff for stuff's sake”. I love window shopping and sometimes that’s all I need to get my fix.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

That being kind and successful should not be mutually exclusive. At Clove I know we’re making a huge impact on the healthcare industry in that our brand actually represents the modern healthcare worker. Similar to TBF, the brand we continue to build is filled with heart, soul and social impact. We can’t wait to watch both of our Philly-based brands thrive in 2021.

"TBF seamlessly fuses a modern product and aesthetic with a heritage brand heartbeat."

What future do you rally around?

I rally behind females who have a sense of humor, strong values, and yes, style -  Eleanor, Breanne and the many females that represent Clove. Also, if you’re a good dancer, I will rally (and dance) with you. My husband Jesse has all the moves!

 Jordyn and Jesse wearing The Big Favorite Relaxed Crewneck Tees