Big Favorite: Keiko El, Founder of Spektrum Vintage & Apothecary

Posted by Deanna Sunseri

Keiko El, Founder of Spektrum Vintage & Apothecary

Claim-to-Fame: Alchemist, Tarot reader, Vintage collector, and Thirst trap extraordinaire

Handle: @keikoel

Relationship to TBF: One of The Big Favorite's very first models!

Bio: "I’m somewhat of a jack of all trades, master of *some. I spend my days collecting vintage, doing tarot readings, putting my ass on the internet, and being a friend."


"The world will benefit from a move towards slow fashion."

Quickie Q's:

Go-to underwear fit: Boxers, paired with my New Orleans t-shirt and fuzzy socks.

Favorite TBF item: The Bikini Briefs were so comfortable, I could literally make a home out of them.

How do you handle a wedgie? PICK THAT SH*T.

What’s your favorite word for butt? Booty, fanny, peach, and ass.

What’s your favorite word for underwear? Undies. 

Undergarment shopping habits? I'm always on the lookout for new undies. My top two criteria: 1) is it comfy? 2) does it make my ass look good ;)

Have you ever forgotten your underwear? If I don’t wear underwear it’s never me being forgetful...if you know what I mean.

Favorite thing about TBF understuff? 
A. Comfort/Great Fit 
B. Softness/Pima Cotton
C. Inventiveness/Designing for Recyclability
D. Participating in a circular clothing system/environmental impact


Let's Go Deep:

How long have you been aware that your purchases have a greater impact? 

A long time. I’ve been a sustainable shopper for most of my life (not by choice). I was raised in thrift stores because that’s what we could afford. Once I got older, I realized the positive impact that slow fashion and intention can make on the world.

What role does the environment play in your shopping choices?

I actively try not to participate in fast fashion trends for a multitude of reasons. Fast fashion creates an unprecedented amount of waste, which directly and negatively impacts our environments. The world will benefit from a move towards slow fashion and supporting circular companies.

What do you want your legacy to be? 

Authenticity and passion. I want my legacy to be staying true to myself, in all that I do, while consciously appreciating and enjoying all of the things that I touch.

"Once I got older, I realized the positive impact that slow fashion and intention can make on the world."

What future do you rally around?

I rally around a future based in comfort, in all aspects. I think this year has taught us how important pure comfort is in our lives. Our living spaces, income, what you wear, who you surround yourself with. I believe in living my most comfortable life so that I truly know peace when it’s time for my next transition.