The Big Favorite's Favorite Things Gift Guide, Pt 1: The Stylish Second-Hander

Posted by Eleanor Turner

You're here because you want to know what makes a favorite. And favorite things are, well... subjective. Especially when you're trying to gift. We tapped our community to find out. They said: "Favorite Things are stylish and sustainable." If you need gift ideas for someone whose priorities include style and sustainability, you've come to the right place, keep scrolling! 


The Stylish Second-Hander is The Artist in your life. They're practical, hands-on, and are loyal to their values. They love fashion and self-expression, but dislike the idea of sending a good piece of clothing, or anything for that matter, to the trash. That's why they love digging around Second Hand stores and can talk for hours about @oldceline. They have a passion for big ideas and value aesthetic in the mundane. You may have heard this person mention the term “circular economy” in conversation to which you reply, "what is circularity?" 

Woman wearing Organic Cotton Black Turtleneck by The Big Favorite

They'll love The Turtleneck because...'s our first GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton piece! And it's fully circular. You earn cash towards a future purchase by sending it back to us for recycling when you've worn it out. Our Turtleneck is a chic throwback and winter's perfect under-sweater first layer. Remember when you were in Pre-K and your parents dressed you in those Gap and L.L. Bean cotton turtlenecks under a colorful matching sweatsuit? Yeah, this is that vibe, but super soft and made sustainably on a living wage. The Stylish Second-Hander will love this first layer because it's stylish, versatile, 100% Organic Pima - no synthetics. Dealer's choice: wear the neck folded to throw it back or fully extended for coverage and warmth.   

Gift Guide for The Artist 

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