What is Circularity?

Posted by Eleanor Turner

We talk about circularity a lot, but what is it? And how is circularity part of sustainability? First, we'll tell you how our economy currently works. 

"Right now, we operate in a linear economy that functions by "take, make, and waste." 

Right now, we operate in a linear economy that functions by "take, make, and waste." That means we take raw materials and commodities from the planet, we make something with them, and then when that something is used up, we toss it in a landfill where it becomes waste, leaching chemicals into our soil, and a lot of times, methane into the atmosphere. These are obvious issues for the long term health of ourselves and our planet. But, there's a solution! And that's circularity. 

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When we refer to circularity, we're referring to the "circular economy." Very simply put, circularity is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and championing the continual use of resources. According to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, it is based on these three key principles: designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

"Circularity is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and championing the continual use of resources."

At The Big Favorite, we want to make landfills a thing of the past. Using our decade + experience in the apparel industry and our solutions-oriented mindset, we've engineered undergarments to have a life beyond the landfill. The best solution for garment-to-garment textile recycling (when a garment is recycled into another garment) in the short and midterm is mechanical recycling. That's where material is chopped up and re-spun into new yarn. However, mechanical recycling can only work with non-blended fibers, like 100% Pima Cotton. Given that the undergarments category has been overtaken by these cheap blends, their destinies are sealed within a landfill. The Big Favorite has a solution! We've removed the synthetics, and designed mega soft and simple 100% Pima Cotton Understuff, we can take it back and mechanically recycle it into new material. You get rewarded on a future purchase by recycling your clean-but-worn out TBF too.

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Circularity is a part of Sustainability. It is often the last approach, but most critical piece. We only have 60 years of viable topsoil left on the planet due to over-farming. As climate change and "Big Ag" takes its toll, our arable land will be used to grow food, not organic material for textiles. Recycled polyester is a cheap, resource-light solution, but leaches microplastics into our water supplies, food chains, and bodies. Not to mention, it can cause autoimmune disorders as well as cancer (read more here). This puts pressure on setting up the critical infrastructure needed to realize full garment to garment circularity.

"We only have 60 years of viable topsoil left on the planet due to over-farming."

That's where The Big Favorite aims to fill a void. We want to change the way you see your old and worn out clothing. We don't need it to go to a landfill across an ocean, we need it to be a future resource here. And it can be with your help! Prioritize buying from brands championing circularity like The Big Favorite, spread the message, and follow us here @thebigfavorite or email us at mgmt@thebigfavorite.com to get involved. 

"Prioritize buying from brands championing circularity like The Big Favorite, spread the message, and follow us @thebigfavorite"

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