Posted by Eleanor Turner

Spring is here! If you’re looking for something to do, look no further than your top drawer. Every time you open it up, it should be full of fresh understuff that makes you feel comfortable and happy. It shouldn’t serve as a graveyard for cheap, holey, and plastic-blended undershirts and underwear. We’re here to help you assess, edit and purge, even offering recycling resources for non-TBF undergarments in an area near you! Here’s how to spring clean your underwear drawer in 20 minutes or less. 


Step 1: Get in There. 

Yes, that’s right. Take it all out. If possible, put it on a white surface, a bedsheet or otherwise, so you can fully assess what’s in there and how worn it truly is (ahem, a different color than it was when you bought it).


Step 2: Take a closer look.

Time to examine. If there are any holes, stains, discoloration or general rattiness, it’s time to toss. If you spend more than a minute questioning whether you should keep something or not, it’s probably time to let it go.


If there’s anything you’re contemplating that’s gently used, these can be donated to local shelters. If it’s unusable and non-TBF, we’ve put together a shared document for recycling resources here.


Step 3: Check content labels.

This step is totally skippable; however, we advise to check content labels for what your top drawer is actually made of. Polyester, Lycra, Spandex, and Elastane blended fibers aren’t good for the environment or your skin, nor are they recyclable. They leach microplastics into our water supply, and can cause all sorts of autoimmune diseases, even cancer. We suggest ridding your top drawer of these blended fabrics in favor of 100% mega soft and Plastic-free Pima Cotton tees and underwear or other beautiful cotton goods.  


Step 4: Organize by function.

Before putting everything back, wipe your drawers out and consider creating a makeshift drawer organizer grid from an old cardboard box. It’s super easy and will help keep your understuff in its place. Put all of your 100% Pima Cotton The Big Favorite understuff in one pile, separating by color. Put your performance pieces in another pile and your date night pairs in yet another. Based on your lifestyle, determine which pile should be near the front. Voila! You can now see everything you have.


Step 5: Determine your needs.

Anything missing in there? Need more Thongs to meet your VPL-free needs? Or maybe you need some super soft Boxer Briefs as sleep shorts. Take a look and determine any needs you might have. Then find some new favorites here. 

The Undyed Bikini Brief

Step 6: Show us your top drawer.

Organized? Snap a photo and tag us #StartANewCycle @thebigfavorite.