What is Sanforized?

Posted by Eleanor Turner

Have you ever taken your tee out of the dryer and asked, “whose child does this belong to?” Well, not anymore with The Big Favorite. 

The term sanforized was pulled straight from our original logo created in the 1930s when we produced hard-working denim for the daily grind. 

The formal definition of Sanforized?  

/ˈsanfəˌrīzd/ adjective

(of cotton or other fabrics) preshrunk by a controlled compressive process; meeting certain standards of washing shrinkage.

Our definition? 

Reassurance for you that your understuff will remain in supreme condition.

What was a new standard in American workwear, is now a new standard in cotton undergarments.

The Big Favorite Label

We aim to make the softest, and most reliable undergarments on the planet, for the planet. That means making a really good basic that can withstand all you put it through, and making it by processes that are better for the planet. We use sanforized (pre-shrunk) material for all of our basics, using a process facilitated by Osmosis to reduce water waste and contamination. 

What’s with the “ize”?

The 30s, 40s, and 50s saw great economic and technological growth. It makes sense why so many words like “Sanforized” came out of that time period. “-ize” or “-ized” is a Greek-derived suffix that means to render or transform. To “ize” something is to transform a noun, sometimes an adjective, into a verb: revolutionize, actualize, maximize, you get the picture.

"The challenges we face in 2020 call everyone to render and transform again." 

We believe that creativity builds the future and is the best antidote to compromise, which is why we’ve dreamt up something that didn’t exist - thoughtfully designed undergarments that are long-lasting, super accessible, and easy to recycle as an alternative to today’s take-make-waste status quo. Welcome to The Big Favorite; the new American Legacy.